Who We Are

DOXAPHARMA was established by the merge of a big company as DOXA and the highly experienced researchers in Health sector.

This permits to take advantage of the great DOXA technical resources and enrich them with the will and the possibility to take care of each client’s research exactly like it takes place on a workshop.

For DOXA, DOXAPHARMA represents the delta in Health sector.

giuseppe venturelli doxapharma

Giuseppe Venturelli – Managing Director LinkedIn-InBug-2C (1)

He has thirty years experience in the pharmaceutical sector, first inside pharmaceutical companies and afterwards in market research companies. Vice president of AISM (Italian Association Marketing) and coordinator of the Pharmaceutical department.

gadi schoenheit doxapharma

Gadi Schoenheit – Vice President LinkedIn-InBug-2C (1)

He has gained thirty years experience in market research and marketing consultancy. CEO for 12 years in Added Value Italy, with passion for innovation ,scenarios and brand research; a more and more important topic for the pharmaceutical segment, searching for new ways of enterprise competition.


paola parenti doxapharmaPaola Parenti – Vice President LinkedIn-InBug-2C (1) 

Great experience in Market research companies in the pharmaceutical sector, which has been developed throughout the years in different places and with different work teams.

This challenging exchange is taking place in Doxapharma nowadays, with great enthusiasm and a lot of energy. Starting from passion for motivational research, we have generated more mature sensibility which is now applied to market research in a more wide way. It is transversal regarding methods and techniques, and directed to consulting projects for business marketing and management.