In 1947 Doxa launched the fortnightly publication of its “Bollettino”: the results of public opinion surveys, in Italy and abroad, were ​​available to subscribers.

Today, after almost seventy years from their birthday, “Bollettino” returns thanks to the efforts of Doxa and Doxapharma. “Bollettino” will still be an analytical point of view on current and salient issues of our times, compared with the results of past years.


“Bollettino” is now presented in a brand new digital outfit, with interactive and functional graphics and an upgraded accessibility, thanks to their diffusion trough the Company’s social profiles.

To enrich the “Bollettino” information  with depth and punctual elements, Doxa improved Roamler, a new Doxa tool providing real time information and deeper insight about our way of life and consuming behaviour.