Italia 2.0

Italia 2.0: behaviours, attitudes and requests of the online public

Doxa Pharma offers Italia 2.0, research conducted every six months by Duepuntozero Research since 2009, on a sample of Italian web users. The research has the aim of a longitudinal mapping and analysis of the Italian digital scenario, exploring the behaviours, attitudes and requests of the Internet users, with particular attention to the presence and drivers of subscription to brand initiatives in the Social Media area. The research is carried out on a sample of 1.500 individuals  per wave (3.000 a year), representative of the Italian Internet users, which can be segmented by socio-demographic variables, responsibility in purchase and interest in different product categories.

This year, in partnership with Doxa Pharma, it was decided to devote the focus part to the “health and social media” theme.

In particular, the areas which the section devoted to this will treat are:

  • The role of internet and the social media in the patient journey
  • Expectations with respect to pharmaceutical companies in the social media area
  • The new relationship with the physician, mediated by technology
  • The most gratifying experiences in the pharma area