Labor + MAA


Labor is a Division of Doxa Pharma specialized in management consulting.

Labor is a work model and of support to the Company in achieving the connection between the «inside» and the  «outside»:  understand the market and exploit organizational and human resources.

  1. Doxa Labor starts from the evidence and activates programs and projects aimed at seizing the business opportunities presented (what if of the photographs detected)
  2. Doxa Labor speeds up and hastens the ‘deployment’ and implementation of the solutions aimed at achieving value
  3. Doxa Labor performs the role of ‘enhancer’ – it makes the implementation of the ‘treatments/therapies’ faster and more effective
  4. Doxa Labor works with the company teams through ‘mixed teams’ to bring knowhow inside and to offer itself with appropriate fees

The value of Doxa Labor lies in its capacity to take full advantage of the “cultural” and  “intelligence” aspects, assuring consistency with the “structural” levers (organization, processes, technologies) in which the company is investing.

Market Access Academy

Advanced management training programs for institutional relations operators 

  • A technical/scientific Board
  • A Board-validated training program
  • Competence Diploma
  • The constant organization and assistance of Doxa Pharma


  • Number of participants from 8-12
  • Possibility of exclusive company courses
  • Residential course in the Doxa offices
  • Constant presence of a Doxa Pharma tutor
  • Provision of instructive material