Market Access Barometer

Market Access Barometer is the research conceived by Doxa Pharma to measure the efficacy of the Key Account company network activities in the relationship with local payors.

barometerThe Market Access Partnership Index is the synthetic index that measures this performance and allows presenting a ranking of the companies analyzed, to evaluate progress and provide feedback on the actions implemented by the external networks.

This measuring applied to market access actions makes reference to the REPUTATION study model, properly adapted to the specific field and enriched with the original Partnership index. 

The study has been conducted since 2010 with surveys that have followed one upon the other continuously.

Market Access Barometer provides a high value to the various KPIs measured, so long as it is consolidated with the trend curve that has been built over the years. Besides measuring the MAP Index, over the years the NEEDS of the payors relative to the relationship with pharmaceutical companies are gathered and analyzed.

The targets subjected to analysis are:

Region Representatives, LHA Managers, Committee&Hospital Commission Coordinators, Hospital Managers, Hospital Pharmacists.