Pharmaceutical Scenario

An unavoidable necessity in an increasingly complex system subject to constant, rapid change is to obtain information that can guide with respect to the morrow, in order to anticipate new strategies.


Every year, in collaboration with the Smith Kline Foundation, Doxa Pharma presents  «The pharmaceutical scenario» for the following  3 years.
With this year, 2014, it will be 31 years of work in interpreting the environment of reference.  Subscribing to the scenario means making a journey that entails:

  • a yearly medium-term report
  • 5 yearly meetings with opinion leaders of reference
  • 2 ad hoc research projects on relevant topics in the sector
  • shared market predictions
  • 3 regional encounters with local payors

Furthermore, starting this year, there is an additional opportunity: that of “bringing the scenario and the group of company participants to the local level, in a series of meetings with health payors and with an increasing number – over time- of regions involved “.