Doxa Idea

For innovation

This is a method which permits and supports creative processes with concrete objectives. It also stimulates creativity breaking down any personal walls and role resistances.

This is the reason why it is particularly appropriate for the development of creative processes in organizational structural contexts.

  • Participants can act liberally
  • The manager forgets about leadership, and the doctor leaves aside his position: all of them speak about how the situation really is and not how it should have been

Brand Power

For Brand Management

  • Traditional components
  • Efficacy, Compliance, Tolerability, Commercial Pressure
  • Feelings: emotions beyond the brand
  • Brand intangible assets
  • Brand capacity to create positive feelings

Mystery Clients

To discover pharmacy channel

It’s time to reveal what really happens with the relationship between client and seller.

It’s a methodology based on facts observation and it’s a formidable tool which permits to understand what works and what goes wrong, if and how company’s guidelines, standards and instructions, are implemented by each point of sales of the network.

Mystery client gets inside one of these sales points, observes the principal characteristics, layout and equipment, and performs a script which reflects a typical relationship between consumer and seller.