DOXABUS, the DOXA “Omnibus

Interviews on samples representative of the entire population and its subgroups. Surveys conducted regularly and frequently

A multiclient research structure, which assures each Client exclusive results

The strengths that make it so unique are:

  • SPEED, weekly research with results, even within only 7 days from the request
  • FLEXIBILITY, in the selection of specific targets and in setting up the questionnaire
  • OPTIMIZATION OF THE INVESTMENT, limited costs thanks to the efficient research structure and ad hoc estimates for extensive and/or repetitive surveys


MYSTERY SHOPPING in the Pharmacy 

This is a methodology based on an observation of the facts, spotlighting everything that really occurs when the client interacts with the pharmacist. It is the moment of truth that tells of what, in practice, happens in the pharmacy.




How to best use resources for conventions

From research on appreciation of the events devoted to the medical class to definition of communication activity aimed at improving the touch-point with physicians.

Doxa Pharma’s collaboration with CONNEXIA aims at optimizing relationship moments between Company and physician, also from the strictly organizational perspective (Pre-event, Event and Post-event)





The Web and qualitative research, a new mode of involving the target.

This tool allows channelling the contribution inclination of the new 2.0 individual, without forgetting that research capabilities and paradigms are the right path to value.

 Insight Room is the methodology for approaching the world of online qualitative research which, through the use of a qualitative research platform, enables new modes of relating with the target, detonating the potential of the web. It offers an interactive and iterative relationship that allows a triangulation between target-research institute-company capable of analyzing the research theme in depth and finding the Insights with the most potential.