The Group

Doxa Group has developed competencies in specific fields, where it is active with specialist companies: DuePuntoZero – digital market analysis, DoxaPharma – pharmaceutical industry, Connexia – digital communication.

Common project

To work in teams, providing creative and effective company solutions thanks to intelligent integration of skills and expertise.


To build partnerships with client companies, taking charge of their needs, with a problem-solving approach and the delivery of original, innovative and ad-hoc responses for all contexts.



In over 60 years, Doxa has gained its leading role thanks to strategic decisions which have driven the company to achieve its goals of quality, reliability and independence.

Since 1946, it has been developing and strengthening its competences through the development of new analysis tools and research methodologies and its international partnership with the worldwide WIN-Gallup network.




Considered one the most innovative research companies, thanks to its experience in digital research. Duepuntozero deals with brand insight Web analysis: from web reputation to consumer understanding and co-creation of business innovation.

Created from the merging of the best competences in Web research, it currently supports important Italian and multi-national clients in the study of digital environment and brand communication.





For over 15 years, Connexia has been creating effective relationships between the brand and its stakeholders thanks to the targeted and strategic use of all media.

It is therefore considered the leading PR & Media Relation, Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Mobile company in Italy.