The Patient at the centre

«It’s better to observe what we actually do than to listen to what we say we do» Elliott Jaques

The in-depth analysis of the patient’s “voice” through a specific methodology and collaboration with INSIGHT KEEPERS.

  • The first phase of analysis derives from LISTENING TO and OBSERVING a patient, sharing his time with him in order to grasp all the moments of his everyday life. Furthermore a diary-scrapbook (even digital) will also be adopted to better  “UNDERSTAND” the patient’s point of view
  • Then moving on to examine the “chain of value” (INSIGHT KEEPER) with the presentation of another point of view and collaboration with the physicians.

As first step, the physician is allowed to experience the disease and its management with his own eyes from the perspective of the patient:

PATIENTS FOCUS, THE PHYSICIAN BEHIND THE MIRROR, TABLE FOR FURTHER EXAMINATION AMONG PHYSICIANS, to reflect together on what emerged based on the study objectives.