Types of Research

Everyone needs to know why something is appreciated, why a product doesn’t get sold, how many consumers really buy our product and when our clients are satisfied.

Doxapharma replies to all these questions made by the various players inside this market by using all the survey and analysis techniques to respond to the needs with original solutions both in terms of operation level and in terms of results.

Qualitative Research

In order to reply to “why”, for which reason?

Focus Groups (Mini Focus, Creative Workshops), Clinical individual interviews, Ethnographic interviews, Semiotic Analysis, Duos/Trios


Quali-WEB research

The qualitative online methods present particular features of their own, they do not replace or overlap with the traditional techniques.

They help enrich and round out the offer portfolio in the context of qualitative research, responding to specific informational needs and research objectives.

The planning of integrated on –off line solutions offers interesting opportunities from the cognitive perspective


Quantitative Research

Interviews in order to reply to the question “how much”; How many people think in the same way?

Personal (CAPI), Telephone (CATI), Web (CAWI), Mobile phone (CAMI)